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"Rape of Lucretia" "Wolf Trap Opera"
"Rape of Lucretia" "Wolf Trap Opera"
Das Rheingold

New York Philharmonic, 2017

Staged concert

One of The New York Times Best Classical Music Performances of 2017

"…the Philharmonic, Mr. Gilbert and the director Louisa Muller have stripped the work to its sinews. It is a stark vision—you might be reminded of Ivo Van Hove's scorched-earth approach to classic plays—that pares away almost everything but the music and the characters.…it was a remarkable evening of music theater." New York Times

"…by fostering interactions between the performers, the staging enhanced the theatrical effectiveness of the presentation." Opera News

Costumes: David Woolard

Conductor: Alan Gilbert

Wotan: Eric Owens

Fricka: Jamie Barton

Alberich: Christopher Purves

Loge: Russell Thomas

Erda: Kelley O'Connor

Fasolt: Morris Robinson

Fafner: Stephen Milling

Freia: Rachel Willis-Sørensen

Froh: Brian Jagde

Donner: Christian Van Horn

Mime: Peter Bronder

Woglinde: Jennifer Zetlan

Wellgunde: Jennifer Johnson Cano

Flosshilde: Tamara Mumford

Photos by Chris Lee

"Rape of Lucretia" "Wolf Trap Opera"
"Rape of Lucretia" "Wolf Trap Opera"
"Rape of Lucretia" "Wolf Trap Opera"
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