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Garsington Opera, 2024

New production

“Louisa Muller's production zings with energy throughout.”

The Times

“The premise of the production was unashamedly brash and bold....The dance sequences—even when involving inflatable flamingos—were more slick than silly and the musical tableaux were wittily handled....the desolation of the opera's final moments offered a reminder that dangers lie in turning people's lives into public entertainment.”


“And it is to television that director Louisa Muller turns in her new production, the vacuous nature of reality TV in particular, lifting this 18th-century tale of gods and mortals straight into the here and now with startling, breathless ingenuity.”

The Observer


“Garsington Opera's new production is so exuberantly and stylishly done I enjoyed it hugely, albeit with a tinge of guilt."

Daily Telegraph

“Garsington Opera decided to be bold with Rameau's Platée, and pulled off a huge success with this sparkling (in more ways than one), funny, engaging production by Louisa Muller.”


“It's all gloriously licentious...there's never a dull moment."


Sets/Costumes: Christopher Oram

Lights: Malcolm Rippeth

Movement: Rebecca Howell

Video: Illuminos

Conductor: Paul Agnew

The English Concert

Satyr/Citheron: Henry Waddington

Thespis/Mercury: Robert Murray

Maenads: Audrey Tsang, Nancy Holt

Thalie: Holly Brown

Momus: Jonathan McGovern

Amor: Victoria Songwei Li

Platée: Samuel Boden

Clarine: Holly Teague

Jupiter: Ossian Huskinson

La Folie: Mireille Asselin

Juno: Annabel Kennedy

Photos by Clive Barda and Julian Guidera

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