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“Louisa’s Studio Class is a heartening experience for the performer who’s missing the stage. At once providing a warm communal feeling and honest instructional feedback, it left me on cloud nine, invigorated to tackle the next challenge!”


“This program gave me a safe space to test out new interpretations of my piece and explore my place inside the opera. I gained new knowledge through every singer who performed in the studio class.”

Studio Class

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Looking for an opportunity to perform and get feedback in a warm, supportive group environment?
I'm on a mission to help singers stay motivated, inspired, and active during this period, and one thing that is sorely lacking right now is the chance to actually sing for other people. Not a pre-recorded video, not an audition or competition, just singing! The only way to get better at performing is to practice it, so let's get to practicing.
I'm thrilled to offer Studio Class, a 2-session group class experience over Zoom for up to 10 singers. Half the group will sing in each class, and I'll do a little work and give feedback to each singer. We will focus on dramatic interpretation, text analysis, and physical choices—I promise never to mention your larynx. 😉
You must be available for both sessions to participate (leave your email address below if you can't make it but would like to be notified about future sessions). You'll need a Zoom connection and either a piano track or live pianist for the session in which you sing. 
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